My black thumb

I am the not so proud owner of what is commonly referred to as... a black thumb. Yes I admit it is true that I kill plants! This is not because of spite, hatred, or uncaring feelings towards plants. Rather it is a natural inherent part of my DNA, or something.

One would think that I am probably a descendant of many generations of city dwellers - those who are far removed from the workings of the land in growing plants and gardening. However, that would not be true. My family on both sides go back centuries with farming roots. Even my parents were both raised on farms, and they were each quite skilled when it came to growing a garden. And of course I did my share of weeding and helping with the planting and gardening while growing up. But apparently it just didn't rub off the blackness of my thumb.

My beautiful garden rows of lovely red potato plants with leaves so green and lush - is now a mere collection of yellow leaves with brown spots and slowly dying plants. The three rows of corn I planted are doing slightly better than the potatoes. There are a few stalks which stand taller than me - but other stalks don't even reach my kneecap. My lovely black thumb has obviously reared it's ugly visage, and wrecked havoc upon these poor defenseless plants.

The only living, growing, thriving plants in my yard right now are weeds of course. I diligently dig, hoe, and spray weed killer everywhere. Yet these noxious things thrive in spite of (and rudely mock) my black thumb. But I know a path to revenge against the weeds. You see it is obvious that if I plant it.... it will die. Therefore all I need to do is harness the dark power of the black thumb and sew weed seeds throughout my yard. Then watch the power of the black thumb assert itself! Long live the black thumb!!

Wacky ice cream

This morning I read a news report about an ice cream place that makes and sells quite unusual flavors. Among which are jalapeno cream cheese with a raspberry swirl... but even more strange than that is the bacon flavor ice cream that they offer.

You heard me correctly... I said bacon flavored ice cream!! They say it tastes like vanilla, a bit salty, and really like breakfast bacon. Now if they could only get some maple syrup flavor in there somehow. Feasting on that would evoke thoughts of eating a delicious pancake breakfast, with the maple syrup spilling over onto the bacon... yummm... drool

Actually, contrary to others opinions, it doesn't sound all that bad. Of course this is coming from someone who has actually eaten garlic ice cream and lived to tell about it! Garlic ice cream also tastes like vanilla - and you honestly do not know there is garlic in it until you are finished. Then it is like whaaaaa... now entering into steamy garlic halitosis land. Warning! Protect your young... the bad breath monster is now on the loose!!

For the past couple of years my church group (in Mormon parlance that would be "my ward") has had an ice cream social at the beginning of summer. We gather up a number of hand crank ice cream makers, and spend a fun filled evening making and then eating many wonderful concoctions. After all, it is always more fun when you have to work a little before the reward comes!! I think that next year we should expand the flavor menu slightly... bacon anyone?

Blog learning curve

I have been reading various BLOGS lately, and
noticed something VERY interesting...

a blog posting concept that - until now - has NOT been found on MY blog.

Did you know?
there are actually people
spend time to vary the CAPITALIZATION,
font style, and
color of text
in their blog entries ?

I on the other hand appear to be quite pedantic when it comes to blog writing...
text appears to have the
- no creativity - no imagination.

I keep telling myself that it is content and not context.
But so far repeating that mantra hasn't convinced me - well not totally.

Hence this "experiment" with a moresupposedly creative look to a blog entry.

I don't know about this...
it is
A LOT of WORK - and for what?

I think that after all this effort I shall in the future be quite content to continue in my little plodding blog world ways. And continuously repeat to myself that mantra about it being "content over context". It is a lot easier in the long run - and by focusing on one thing - perhaps I will actually develop into one of those amusing "must read her blog" kinda people!!


It is the simple things in life that we tend to take for granted. For example: sleeping, sitting, standing, walking, or even just getting dressed in the morning. But, when one of your appendages has received an injury - a whole new experience in pain accompanies simple tasks once taken for granted. Yes, I have been the recipient of such an injury... an inflamed left rotator cuff.

The good news is that it only hurts when I move that shoulder. The bad news is that one cannot go throughout the entire day (or night) without moving the shoulder. Thank goodness for anti-inflammatory drugs - and even greater thanks that it is only inflamed, and not torn (which would require surgery).

But the human body is adaptable so that things can be accomplished using slightly different methods. It also provides the world's best excuse to not do certain yard work tasks!! I only hope I don't get too used to the enforced laziness - after all my yard doesn't have far to go before it descends into total weed dominated anarchy.