Have I... chosen wisely?
Has it really been almost an entire month since anything has been posted on this blog? Why yes... yes it has been a long time. The old me would feel incredibly guilty and apologize profusely. The current me... well I shall say I am truly sorry and just let it go. Because it is what it is - and my time machine isn't functioning properly to allow me to go back and post something.

What have I been up to this past month? An adventure choice in medication that's what, and one which is quickly drawing to a close. What is this choice of which I speak? Tapering completely OFF of anti-depressant medications... oh my! And an interesting journey this has been.

Please note that going off of medications of any kind is *not* for everyone - so please don't change what you are doing merely because someone you know (virtually or for reals) is doing it. Also with many medical situations it is not advisable to discontinue using medications. One simple analogy that might make sense... it’s not a good idea for a diabetic to stop using insulin.

This is a decision that I arrived at only after...
  1. careful consideration and research of all consequences (both the good and bad)
  2. consulting with a qualified medical professional (many meds require careful tapering of dosages... cold turkeying it is *not* advised)
  3. continuing to work with a qualified (and awesome) counselor - who is supportive of my choice to take this path
  4. telling a few close friends about this choice, and asking them to keep an eye on me (just in case)
  5. and most important, in my book at least, asking my Bishop (ecclesiastical leader) for a priesthood blessing (because important journeys should always include inviting God to be your co-pilot - and life in general is an important journey!)
There was a time when I just knew meds would be my daily companion for the rest of my life. How could I possibly cope without them? It has not been an easy decision - nor an easy path getting to this point. Plus viewing the journey forward I know it will require climbing over some very rugged and at times steep uphill terrain. That being said, I believe I am ready for this challenge.

Completion of the medication taper will not be final until October 7th, one month exactly after starting. In future posts I will attempt to explain some of my multitude of reasons behind this choice - and provide updates on how I am doing.