Tension wire and tushies

You know how when see a line of posts with wire strung from one to the other - when you reach the last post in the line there is quite often a tension wire angling down from that post - down to the ground and secured somehow. This is done to help keep that last post equally pulled upon from each side - thus allowing all the posts to have equal tension, help support each other, and none of them fall down.

This is the concept my Dad used along the south side of my home - to provide a place for the grapevines to hang onto and grow. There are steel T-posts stretching from the front corner of the yard with barbless barbed wire strung from post to post - all the way to about the middle of the backyard. The starting point of the wire in the front yard is connected to a chain link post, set in cement (that ain't going anywhere). But, when you reach that final post in the backyard - my Dad used this tension wire technique using a very long steel stake he drove deep into the ground.

This steel stake only sticks up a few inches - and I have often tripped over it, and the tension wire attached to it, a number of times in the past. But last night I gave a truly spectacular tripping performance that is not to be matched (hopefully) anytime soon!!

I had my little Mantis roto-tiller out and was merrily chomping away at the offending weeds in the backyard. I was walking backwards (because that's what you do with this tiller to get it to dig into the ground) - and totally failed to remember this tension wire (it's not like it is at eye level you know). Needless to say I stumbled, let go of the tiller (which stops rotating when you do that - thank goodness or this could have been much more disastrous).

In my unsteadiness I plopped down tushie first - and was duly reminded of the tension wire when one tushie cheek attempted to "sit" on it. I say "sit" - but in fact it was a serious and extreme hard tushie to wire contact that occurred. Let's just say that I'm sitting and moving somewhat gingerly today as a result. At least it didn't give me a wedgie - but I'm positive there's a fairly serious butt bruise (which I can't see - 'cuz my neck and body aren't that bendable).

My plan of attack is to place one of those steel T-posts there where the tension wire connects with the steel stake in the ground. This will serve as a more eye level visible reminder of the backyard hazard. You can stop laughing now... it's not nice to mock someone who is in pain!!